October 16, 2014
Finding uses both In Jobs and as Hobbies with a Mini Drone

There are persons who are fully capable of building their own fully functional Mini drones. However, this takes a certain type of specialized skills, tools and equipment. Without such factors, then there are no chances of getting the drone to function. There are those people who build theirs as replicas of real life planes. These drones are way much smaller in size which means that all the factors that are considered to make them functional are in a smaller scale to real life planes. There are persons who apart from enjoying having their own drones, they enjoy getting their daily bread from it.

Persons who utilize Mini Drone for their daily jobs include those who use them in shooting aerial movies and photographs. Persons who require the videos and photographs that are captured from such angles look for skilled personnel to help in the job. This is one of the many ways that most people are not only earning a living but paying their bills too. Their clients are people who sell property and therefore require luxury images and videos of the houses.  Such persons require marketing the property in all the different ways including through showcasing them to many people.

Although there are other people who have not yet known the benefits that drones have to offer, there are others who are tapping into that potential. In order to get more people to actually see what can be achieved with the drones, the easiest way is through offering unpaid demos so that more people see what they’re all about. There are persons whose jobs go all the way to actually getting rid of birds in places such as golf courses. There are other facilities that don’t want to have birds around. They too get to benefit from persons who are good at scaring the birds off with miniature drones.In order to make the drones more effective in scaring birds away, there are additional features that are put into the manned planes. This includes amplifiers that are effective in disturbing birds. The amplifier makes the kind of sound that is made by birds of prey. This comprise of birds like falcons because others are scared of these predators. By the time they’re hearing the sound, they don’t even wait up for the drone.  This is one of the ways that other people have transformed the opportunity to an actual business with employees working in different venues.

Rather than shooting birds or any other methods that can end up wounding them, using drones has been seen to be more humane. It’s important to consider that this is one of the ways that most persons are having fun and at the same time actually doing something that gets them money.

September 30, 2014
Griddles Grills Sizzle Sales

Generally, an outdoor grill can be used in any type of operation, but the type of grill recommended should be tailored to the operation’s menu. For example, a customer who operates a gourmet restaurant may look for a best propane grill in which he or she can use specialty hardwoods or herb stalks to add a signature flavor to grilled specialties. Another customer may appeal to patrons who prefer burgers and hot dogs. For such an operation, a propane grill is an easy-to-use, suitable alternative.If the propane grill will be used in a congested area where smoke will be a concern, a gas-fired unit will be a better bet than a charcoal- or wood-fired unit. Gas-fired units are also better bets when the grilling needs to be done over a long period of time. Another advantage to point out with gas grills is that most have multiple burner controls. All burners can be fired up during peak demand periods, while the operator can choose to activate only one or two burners during lower demand periods. This flexibility can decrease significantly the amount of propane the operation uses. Another important advantage of propane grills is that the temperature is easier to control than it is with charcoal-burning grills. This is particularly important if customers need to apply high heat during the initial cooking process then slow cook the item at a low heat for the rest of the cycle.

Charcoal Grilling: Merchandising Power

Why would customers want to cook with charcoal when they could have the ease of cooking with gas? Taste and merchandising. There’s just nothing quite like the smell of fresh grilled fare and the variety of charcoal and special hardwoods now available can enhance that aroma and make it an even more powerful merchandiser. There are several different grill configurations that can help make this type of cooking a possibility for every operation.

The least complex type of charcoal/wood-fired grill is the shallow fire-bin unit. Operators control cooking speed on these units by increasing or decreasing the distance between the food and the coals. This type of grill consumes any type of charcoal - briquette or chunk hardwood - and is the least expensive option. Recommend models with large wheels that make units easy to move. To speed along the grilling process, some models are equipped with covers that either swing down over the food or are lifted into place. Caution customers to keep the air vents in the fire-bin clean of ashes so air can flow in to maintain combustion when the cover is closed.

If customers are more daring, they might enjoy adding a rotisserie unit to their grill set-ups. A single-spit rotisserie can be used to cook whole legs of lamb, breasts of turkey or entire pigs. Rotisseries fitted with multiple spits are designed for cooking chickens and, with the addition of cooking baskets, whole fish.

June 23, 2014
An addictive single player iOS app game will be released to commemorate 75 years from the start of World War II

2014 is a 75th anniversary since the beginning of the biggest war in world history – World War II.  It all began with the invasion of Poland by the Nazi German army via a blitzkrieg, or a so-called “lightning attack.”  To commemorate this anniversary, Simplus Technologies Group is working on the development of a new app game named “Enemy Dawn.”  In fact, the pre-release has already been made available for gaming enthusiasts.

The new single player app game is set in Poland, and the player is a soldier from the Polish army who must defend himself and his country against the Nazi army.  The player is in command of a mobile rocket launcher, and must fight off the enemy in panzer tanks, battleships, Ju-87 Stuka airplanes as well as the deadly 88mm German artillery. The player operates and shoots via a Katyusha rocket launcher – one of the symbols of World War II and one of the deadliest and most effective weapons used by the Red army.

A free and a paid version of the full game are expected to be released in July 2014, and will be offered as an iPhone and iPad app.

The Enemy Dawn game for iOS is a mildly violent single player which will initially be released for Apple mobile devices only.  In fact, Simplus Technologies Group has already had some success with a previous app for iOS which even made it to the Top 100 apps in Apple Store.  The app is called Turbcast and is targeted at users who have a fear of flying, and offers information about turbulence, about the types of turbulence and other interesting facts to help sooth flying anxiety.

Even though the Simplus Technologies Group is a relatively new and small developers company, the team is confident that its first app game will become an instant hit.  In fact, they claim that gamers who participated in the beta testing of the new Enemy Dawn game gave back very positive feedback and claimed that the single player shooter set in the first days of World War II in Poland is actually addictive.

Even though the surprise blitzkrieg attack started on September 1st back in 1939, the game in honor of the anniversary from this shocking and difficult time will be released as early as July.The developing company has claimed to have held close to historical facts and accuracy when creating “Enemy Dawn” and so far from what we have seen, the amazing 2D graphics will bring the players back to central and eastern Europe in the late 1930’s, when this surprise attack triggered the biggest and deadliest war in the modern world history.  The players will be able to experience the exciting and ferocious fighting in the Polish town of Danzig, and to show how well they can defend their town and country from the enemy.

So, for all fans, the full version of the Enemy Dawn game app will be available for download next month!  Get prepared to face those Nazi soldiers and weapons.

May 7, 2014
Regal Assets

Regal Assets

April 30, 2014
(Yes, we speak German as well :) ) Professionelles Mietstudio für Foto- und Filmaufnahmen.

Fotostudio- Mietstudio in München, für Foto Film und Event zu mieten.

Unsere Mietstudios in München sind technisch auf dem neustens Stand, ob für Foto-, Filmproduktionen, Presseveranstaltungen & Showrooms, alles ist bei uns Möglich. Die beiden Mietstudios befinden sich in Toplage in München.

 Ob für eine Film-Produktion, einen Werbespot oder ein aufwendiges Shooting, wir bieten Ihnen die passende Technik und das Know-How. Wir bieten Ihnen zwei attraktive Fotostudios zur Miete im Herzen von München. Durch langjährige Erfahrung garantieren wir Professionalität auf höchstem Niveau - denn den gemachten Bildern sieht man es an, wie viel Know-how wir mitbringen. In unseren Mietstudios steht Ihnen professionelles Equipment und zahlreiche Requisiten für Ihr Projekt bereit. Hiermit sind beste Fotos garantiert - und auch Video Produktionen werden immer beliebter, sei es für Musikvideos, Kurzfilme und die Produktwerbung.

» see all about the Foto Studio at Fotostudio München

April 29, 2014
Carpet Cleaners London

 Carpet care and maintenance can not only be time consuming and labor intensive, particularly when you just have so much time to complete your errands, but it could be quite a challenge if you happen to have carpets with resilient spots, big areas with discolorations or structural damages to deal with. Have your carpets and rugs seen better days? Do you remember your house being new and crisp clean? Do you desperately have to get it cleaned up prior to leasing it out to your new renters? Are you struggling to balance family life, running a household, and managing your own business? Extraction bucket after cleaning Or, may be it is your physical condition triggering problems that do not allow you to be active? Or, simply, you would rather not do it? You do not wish to wrestle with the carpets in your house in addition to everything else! If you fall into to any of these categories, then you do not have to worry – you are not on your own! There is an easy solution to your problems. We can provide you with miraculous home and commercial carpet cleaning services, carried out by our trusted and skilled staff.
Carpets happen to see quite a substantial amount of abuse and over a period of time it begins to show in a form of a general wear and tear.  This in turn reduces their quality and gradually destroys the rug. Whether was it made of natural or synthetic fiber, every rug starts to show signs of weariness after a period of time.  Yet replacing rugs often is not the most budget-minded option – consider high grade commercial care and maintenance for your carpets. In fact, industry research has shown that a professional grade carpet cleaning is the sole reliable method to preserve any kind of carpet looking great and newer longer.

Pro carpet cleaning before after Professional carpet cleaning is also the only way to care for rugs without damaging either the fibers or the weave. Carpets are depositories of a great deal of dirt and pollen over time that cause problems for occupants with respiratory problems or allergies.  While frequent vacuuming is a vital part of caring for your carpets, through commercial carpet steam cleaning is the only way to have the carpets totally and fully free from dirt and other contaminants. Carpet manufacturers and health professionals alike endorse the idea that rugs should be professionally steam cleaned at the very least two times a year in order to have them clean, hygienic and free of harmful microorganisms which are likely to trigger condition worsening of allergies and asthma disposed occupants of the house.
Hot steam carpet cleaning office carpet We, Prolux Professional Cleaners London, believe carpet cleaning is a highly specialized process that requires  an expert knowledge and we have dedicated time and energy into training our people in a safe and efficient use of a professional steam cleaning machines. The people in combination with our excellent training and equipment are our biggest assets – superior cleaning results and the safety of our customers are required each time – without exceptions. The rug cleaning process comprises of a thorough vacuum cleaning at the start, followed by an application of a solvent solution once the larger debris is gone.  This step aims to loosen all resilient spots. The process finishes with a detailed sucking out the solution applied prior along with the dissolved in dirt from the whole carpet.

Beige carpet after cleaning Our organization has been steam cleaning rugs, upholstered furniture, and beds together with all interior textiles for quite a few years. All employees are ardent and unwavering to deliver the finest service to you. We believe in professionalism and undeviating business ethics. Our cleaning crews are able, well familiar with the newest developments in the industry and extremely dependable.
We dedicate ourselves in professional cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning. We work in all areas of London.
Our employees are highly trained, skilled, and qualified. We are fully insured. We standbehind our quality unconditionally – our customers’ satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Not by an accident Prolux Cleaning grew to be a trusted name for a lot of commercial and residential customers. All technicians at Prolux Cleaning are dedicated to their work.

Dirt and pollutants locked in the rugs may provoke allergic reactions as well as overall worsening of asthma symptoms. Your carpets need a regular care and wash, best done by professional cleaners.
Prolux Cleaning employs experienced professional carpet and rug cleaning experts. We provide superb services higher than the industry standards. We use modern hi tech rug and carpet cleaning  machines. Our experts eliminate dust and waste products from deep inside your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Method by Prolux in London

Office cleaning with carpet sofa chairHot water extraction method has proven to be the best way to wash carpets and rugs. This is not only our view - it is also backed up the by all big rug manufacturers.

Our portable hot water extraction tools for carpet and rug expert cleaning are one of the highest quality in operation in the entire London. We promise that 3 hours after your carpets and rugs have been washed by us, they are going to be fresh, revitalized, aromatized, and fully dry.

Office cleaning carpet conference room Our carpet and rug cleaning specialists use only the most effective carpet cleaning equipment manufactured by top names in the industry.

Cleaning Services:

Our Carpet Cleaning London Services do this for your rugs:

•           Allergens eradication - dust, pet fur, etc.

•           Environmentally safe cleaning – protects the health of your family and pets.

•           Bacteria elimination – use of efficient decontaminators.

•           Supreme luxury - softer, better looking carpet.

•           Complete stain removal

•           100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Our carpet experts follow sophisticated cleaning methods. We use only non-toxic and biodegradable detergents.
Let us reinstate your carpet back to its previous state! Join the many pleased and satisfied customers.
We, the Prolux cleaners, safely and efficiently get rid of spots from your carpets.

We have been operating for over 8 years in London. We are in a position to sanitize and restore all brands of carpets, fabric and cowhide upholstered furniture. Ever since we have commenced operations, our services have been of a benefit to numerous residential and commercial clients, like office parks, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, and others in London. We can maintain any carpet – domestic or commercial grade the same, in any condition.

Prochem cleaning materials No job is too big or small for us – we have the confidence we can do any job, because our crews have all skills necessary – our professional cleaners are knowledgeable, trained, experienced, dedicated and competent. Armed with all this, together with the appropriate tools and techniques we are prepared to remove any spot or dirt.
Most of our business comes from referrals. This is an attestation of our devotion to deliver kind, effective and inexpensive services.

Prolux Cleaning Services is a symbol of uppermost quality services at affordable rates. We are gratified by the fact that we have established long-term relationships with a myriad of satisfied customers and we still follow the same fundamental business principles.

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April 23, 2014
Guess Game

Guess Game is an Android Game, which works on all phones that have at least Android 2.2. It is a simple and yet addictive word game, where you will have to guess the missing letters of some words and of course making it more challenging you will have just 10 seconds to figure out which are the missing letters. And best of it – Guess Game is completely Free.

So how does it work? You can select different categories and then a word from those categories will show with up to 4 missing letters and you will have to select the right missing letters from the options showing in the bottom of your screen. You get points for each guessed word and the remaining time is given back to you as bonus points. You can then see your best scores or add them in an online multiplayer Leaderboard and compare your results with your friends’ ones.

The game’s interface is easy to learn and is beautifully designed. There are detailed instructions, which cover the basics of the game. The audio effects in this game are minimalistic and enhance the gameplay. Also, each game has a recorded pronunciation, which can come handy if you want to learn the language.

Overally The Guess Game is a fun word game, which is suitable for all ages and is accessible for free from Google Play. It is the perfect way to spend a few minutes each day, having fun and learning new vocabulary.

April 2, 2014
High Free Video games

Who doesn’t love taking part in Android games? They’re so easy, yet so addictive and enjoyable to play. Bear in mind Flappy Birds? Indignant birds? The last cellular craze 2048? The Panda Warrior sport might be the subsequent massive thing!
You haven’t heard concerning the sport? It is a platform sport, the place you have to draw bamboo traces and one cute, little panda jumps over those traces and collects gold and items. Be warned, the sport is extraordinarily addictive due to the highscore system built-in into it, thus allowing to try to beat your individual(or your friends) information. The highscore takes into consideration the space, time, birds hit, velocity and the meals you have got collected.
There are some additional features that improve the gaming experience. This consists of hitting flying birds that gives you turbo velocity for some time. However do not forget that sometimes not hitting the fowl gives you better score, as it is possible for you to to gather additional meals. Additionally, you should avoid the black holes, as they will slower your velocity and make your panda fall down and die. This can be averted by drawing the bamboo traces extraordinarily quick.
Beside the enjoyable experience the sport gives, it provides good graphics too. The panda appears to be like cute and the background is finished with attention to the element. Additionally, each stage of the sport has totally different design backgrounds, that are proven once you advance to that stage. The variety of totally different landscapes are nice and you’ll not get bored easily. Beside good graphics and enjoyable experience Panda Warrior gives excellent audio experience too. It also comes with a mute button which is an option if you have to be silent.
There are quite a lot of free games for android, however most of them are crammed with nasty adds, which utterly destroys the experience. Panda Warrior shouldn’t be like the other games that are advertised as free, however obliges you to purchase totally different packages in sport with the intention to play.

Another essential thing that needs to be noted, is the value of this sport. It is accessible in Google Play/Google Market at no cost. It’ll work on nearly any Android phone because it helps Android variations above 1.6! You are able to play this even if you have a bit older smartphone and there’s no lag. The game was tested on Samsung Galaxy S3 (with Android four.2) and Android 2.1 outdated smartphone and in each circumstances the sport put in and loaded with none issues.

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April 2, 2014
Top Free Games

Finding an excellent ringtone that you’re proud of is subsequent to not possible. There are millions of different free and premium ringtones, nevertheless it takes ages to look by way of them and discover a good one. Wouldn’t it’s good if someone looks by way of them, accumulate the very best ones and make an software where you possibly can flick through those?
More Ringtones is a Google Android Ringtone software that was launched on Google Play on November 22, 2013. It gives you with person-pleasant and clean loading interface, which makes the selecting your new ringtones easy. It comes with a variety of constructed-in ringtones and in contrast to other ringtone applications, it doesn’t require active mobile internet connection to download/pay attention the ringtones. That is the explanation why it’s a bit greater than other apps, however nonetheless it is simply 24 megabytes. If you are low on storage on your telephone memory you possibly can easily transfer Extra Ringtones to your microSD. The ringtones are collected from 1 by 1 Ringtones.

What’s the most impressive about this software is the sheer quantity of various ringtones. It actually comes with more than thousand different high quality ringtones. If you are in search of something specific, there’s huge probability that it is in. One other thing that ought to be noted, is the shortage of advertisements in Extra Ringtones. There are no nasty banners, push notifications or audio advertisements. Just you and your ringtones.
Among the best features of this utility is that you could easily choose a specific ringtone for a specific contact, alarm or notification. It is vitally easy to use, there are just one button per action for each ringtone. Additionally, you can choose the ringtones you like the most and add them to favourites, so you can access them easily.
The appliance is absolutely responsive, which implies that you may download and use it each on your telephone and your tablet and it will work the identical. Both the icon and utility designed is finished fantastically, which makes selecting the right ringtones much more satisfying.
Extra Ringtones may be downloaded from Google Play and it will work on all telephones and tablets that come with Android 2.1 or increased. It has over 240 critiques in the Google Retailer and averages at 3.9. One of the best of all it is completely free for you. You can always share with us what’s your favourite ringtone within the comment sections.

April 2, 2014
Cell Recreation

Our brain is a muscle and if we need to enhance it, we have to verify we do brain exercises. Essentially the most clever folks on Earth have labored on extremely difficult issues on daily basis in their lives. Studying books and doing math issues is one option to get your day by day brain train. But it’s hard to make time for those actions every single day. Right here comes the Brain Game, an Android sport that is accessible totally free from the Android Market. The sport was released on 20 February 2014 and it has constructive evaluations since then, averaging at 4.1 score.
It is a easy sport, where you will have to match a proven sample of dots. This is it. It begins with just three dots sample, however as you advance via the game, it will probably go up to 9 dot patterns. Every accomplished sample awards you rating points and you’ll follow how your scores enhance each day. Thus, you’ll be able to see the constructive impacts of the game for your self. Don’t forget that the game takes into consideration your speed, i.e. your score shall be higher if you happen to match the patterns quick enough.
The Brain Recreation will work nice with children, enhancing their brain capacity. The sport also makes use of a whole lot of shiny graphics which can entice the children. General, the design of the game and its visuals are just spectacular, with plenty of nice abstract backgrounds. Also, there are a number of different interactions graphics, which prompts if you match a sample. The sport is absolutely responsive, so it would work on completely different platforms, as long as it has Android 1.6 or higher. That features each excessive-finish smartphones, weaker smartphones and tablets.

The sport has very detailed statistic for each of your runs. It retains score about your degree and highest combo count. Also, you’ll be able to see how much your score is affected by time bonus, combo bonus or degree bonus. The same button acts like a pause button too, if you need to take a break and do something else.
The music accessible within the sport is good, permitting you to concentrate on the little dots on your display. For those who choose to play without any music, you may disable them from the settings panel. You can set the volume of BGM and SFX or just disable them.
This nice sport is obtainable on Google Play (or Google Market in older telephones) totally free and it will work with any telephone that has Android 1.6 or higher. There aren’t any hidden in app spurchases on this sport, so you will be able to get pleasure from it fully.

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